New Product eases the pain of touching up paint.

The human eye can see 7,000,000 colors. Thank goodness there are only a few hundred to pick from at the local paint store. But even when the color is picked and mixed it is like it becomes one of the 7 million and matching it in the future can be challenging if not impossible. That is why Aspen Alley Products developed the Spot On Touch Up Tool. The Spot On’s airtight storage tube will store a small amount of that one-of-a-kind paint for years to come and the integrated applicator head insures that touch up will be a breeze.

“I was sitting in my house one evening” comments Scott Feddes, founder of Aspen Alley Products a company that manufactures niche consumer goods, “and I noticed that a dining room chair had scuffed up the paint on one of our walls. Maybe I should fix that, I thought, but do I still have that paint, would it still be good and where is the paint brush? That’s when it hit me. There has to be an easier way.”

After a few trials, a working prototype was developed. As unpolished as the prototype was, it seemed to strike a chord with home owners. “The people I showed it to just kept saying, ‘I could really use that!’ recalls Scott. When touching up paint, there are 5 different things you need: the can of paint of course, a screw driver, a stir stick, a paintbrush and a hammer to get the lid tight on the can. The Spot On is an all-in-one tool that can be thrown in a drawer ready to use when needed.

“It’s a winner!” comments Troy H. a manager at a local hardware store. “You’ve got everything you need to fill the tube, store the paint and apply it. Wash the applicator and it’s ready to be used again. We’ll even offer to fill the tube in our store, so it is ready to go right out the door.”

The Spot On holds enough paint to do more than just a few touch ups and the airtight tube keeps the paint fresh for years. Because it’s the same paint that was applied, it’s the perfect match every time!

This handy new tool will be introduced at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas May 4-6th 2016 and shipping of the product will take place mid June.



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